Autoclave Vertical

Autoclave Vertical

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Inner chamber and outer chamber, are made of stainless steel (SS-304 grade).
- Heaters cover stand and carrier/bucket are made of Stainless Steel.
- Lid made of thick machined Stainless Steel plate.
- Radial locking lid ensures user safety and safe locking
- Lid is fitted with Pressure Gauge, Spring Loaded Safety Valve, extra Safety Valve, Manual Exhaust Valve, Vaccum Breaker-cum-Purge Valve as a safety device and water 
  level indicator.
- Drain Valve facilitates easy cleaning of the chamber.
- Moulded jointless silicon rubber gasket.
- All internal joints are argon arc welded, ground and polished to give crevice free internals.
- Water Filtration System (Wall Mounted)

- Capatcity : 145 ltrs.
- Heater Load : 7.0 kw
- Controller (PLC Based) : μProcessor Based Fully Automatic Fuzzy Logic Control System.
- Display : 6x2 line Alphanumeric Digital LCD with backlet display with Set value (SV) and Process Value (PV)
- Timer (Auto Time Control) & Buzzer : Fitted with AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER which starts automatically when Set/desired value of temperature is achieved. When the set time period is over the heaters get switched off automatically with alarm for cycle end.
- Sterlizing Pressure :  1.2 kgf/cm² (15 psi) at 121°C
- Operating Pressure : From 15 Psi to 22 Psi (adjustable)
- MOC (Pressure Vessel) : Stainless Steel (SS-304) 
- MOC (External Wall) : Stainless Steel (SS-304)
- MOC (Top Lid) : Thick Machined Stainless Steel Plate.
- MOC (Basket) : Stainless Steel (SS-304) 2 Nos.