Ultrasonic Stirrer

Ultrasonic Stirrer

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Its function is to stir the milk sample and remove air bubbles from the sample to get a perfect reading. It is suitable for dusty, humid environment and temperature between 5°C and 70°C.

Technical Specification :-
- Functional Remove air from fresh milk before Testing
- Type Table Top Operating
- Voltage 90-290 Volts ±10%
- Input Frequency 45 Hz to 60 Hz
- Ultrasonic Frequency 30 Khz to 60 Khz
- Power Consumption 30 Watt
- Temperature from 5°C to 70°C
- Timer 10 to 30 Sec Adjustable
- Weight 3 Kg

Salient Features :-
- Table top
- Portable light Unit Dust proof
- Powder coated metalic cabinet
- Operates on AC/12VCD (Car Battery) Power Supply
- Steel Milk Prob Horn
- Adjustable Time and Vibration Frequency
- High life Ultrasonic Transducer
- Designed for All milk
- Developed for Indian Electricity & Weather Condition