Water Purifier

Water Purifier

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Water Purifier


The water purifier is a mixture of latest technologies and providing always better results. Keeping in mind, the Indian Geographical difficulties and differences, this product is very effective and bears specialty to satisfy the customer as per their expectations. The following five working stage are facilitated in purifier.-

- Spun candle provides physical impurities like to block the dust, rust and mud.

- Granual Activated Carbon helps in removing the chemical impurities like dissolved gases, colour and bad test.

- Carbon block prevents the bad smell, chlorine.

- Ultra Membrame to stop the growth of bacteria and improve the taste of water to drinkable stage.

- Post carbon performs taste of water, fine colour and to clean the water In final stage.

Technical Specifications:

- Spun candle: 10” spun candle with 5 micron

- GAC: 8×12 granual silver impregnated carbon

- Carbon block : 10” silver impregnated block with 5 micron

- Post carbon : 2×3 silver impregnated carbons

- Dimension: 451x 432 x165 mm

- Weight: 5 Kgs approximately

- Capacity: Free Flow